About Seido Karate

SI_logo_2Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese style of karate, into which its founder, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura has distilled the essence of what he has learned about the martial arts in over 50 years of study, practice, and teaching.

The World Seido Karate Organization officially opened its headquarters on October 15, 1976, in New York City. We are now a worldwide organization, with thriving branches throughout the United States and in such diverse places as Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America. Nevertheless, within Seido, growth of our branch schools is not pursued for its own sake. Quality of instruction and development of the student is paramount.

The physical training in Seido can be strenuous, emphasizing progressive development of strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. In addition to developing students with the highest level of physical skill, Seido aims to develop individuals of the highest moral character.

We invite you to learn more about the World Seido Karate Organization, its founder & leadership, and our philosophy that makes Seido Karate so applicable to today’s life.

CQC Mission Statement

Central Queens Collaborative Karate schools maintain a culturally inclusive environment to nurture the growth of individuals from all walks of life. Through the Seido Karate style, developed by Kaicho T. Nakamura (founder and director of the Seido Organization), we encourage, support, and assist our students to develop physically, educationally and in life skills.

CQC Vission Statement

The CQC Collaborative enthusiastically seeks to unlock the potential that lives within us all. To nurture and grow our core values and create positive benefits that will become contagious.

We believe that through traditional karate training, insightful seminars, personal reflective contemplation, balanced nutrition and individual life experiences, our students are transformed – enabling them to benefit from a more rewarding life.

Our students become better equipped to manage whatever circumstances come their way, and their training and support system allows them to make positive contributions to improve their community and society at large.

At the Central Queens Collaborative Karate programs, we are catalysts for positive growth and firmly believe that small improvements can lead to seismic changes. Self awareness, compassion, consideration for others, leadership, confidence – these are our pillars of growth that will enhance our students’ quality of life and reduce violence in our communities.