Seido CQ Collaborative Vision Statement

The CQC Collaborative enthusiastically seeks to unlock the potential that lives within us all. To nurture and grow our core values and create positive benefits that will become contagious.

We believe that through traditional karate training, insightful seminars, personal reflective contemplation, balanced nutrition and individual life experiences, our students are transformed – enabling them to benefit from a more rewarding life.

Our students become better equipped to manage whatever circumstances come their way, and their training and support system allows them to make positive contributions to improve their community and society at large.

At the Central Queens Collaborative Karate programs, we are catalysts for positive growth and firmly believe that small improvements can lead to seismic changes. Self awareness, compassion, consideration for others, leadership, confidence –  these are our pillars of growth that will enhance our students’ quality of life and reduce violence in our communities.