This event has passed… with huge success!



To All Black Belts (Adult Program):

A reminder that Black Belt Clinic is coming up on June 6 & 7. Please mark your calendars!

If you’ve been to Honbu recently, you know that we still have some work to do on the offices, reception area, and new kitchen, however, the bulk of the move to the 2nd floor is behind us. Without everyone’s tireless help, we would not have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for several weeks yet. We had a good, solid, core group helping day in and day out, and other members pitching in as their schedules allowed. Those who were unable to dedicate any physical time commitment during the different phases of construction contributed by bringing baked goods and other treats which were very much appreciated and QUICKLY devoured by all! By far, what carried us through all the heavy-lifting, packing, moving, building, organizing and reorganizing, painting, dusting, and cleaning at every turn — only to do it again from one day right into the next — was everyone’s remarkable, upbeat attitude and unfailing commitment to get it done and… to get it done together. History in the making for sure. We are very grateful.

As with the reorganization of classes and rescheduling promotions, moving to one floor presents us with various logistical challenges to keep Honbu events intact. Having extra space on the additional floor was certainly a luxury all these years. However, with some adjustments, flexibility, and creativity, we know there is always a reasonable solution or compromise to make the most of Honbu being on one level.

As you know, we’ve already postponed this year’s three-day Inter-dojo Tournament (usually held this week) and moved it to July. Students have been, not only, very understanding about training under less than optimal conditions once demolition and construction began, but also accepting that we needed to unexpectedly close Honbu for several days and cancel classes entirely to meet our targeted completion date. Going forward, we would like to avoid asking our members to sacrifice any more of their usual class times and training schedules unnecessarily.

That said, this year’s Black Belt Clinic schedule has been revised as follows:

Fri., June 6
10:00am – 8:00pm:  Special Black Belt Promotion for Out-of-Town/Overseas Candidates grading to Shodan, Nidan, or Sandan

Sat., June 7
3:00pm – 4:00pm:    Annual Meeting for Seido Branch Chiefs/Head Instructors
4:00pm – 6:00pm:    Combined Seminar/Workout for all levels
6:00pm – 9:00pm:    40th Anniversary Live Auction Fundraiser & Honbu Grand Re-Opening Party*

[*We’re still in the planning stages, but will keep you updated as plans unfold. With so many black belts convening during Black Belt Clinic weekend which is already less than a month away, we thought it would be a perfect chance for us to carve out some time to have a party and celebrate the completion of Honbu’s move to the second floor after the seminar/workout finishes on Saturday. We’ll combine it with a kick-off fundraiser for the 40th Anniversary and give everyone a chance to win from a great selection of raffles and auction items. We’ve already held several of these party-themed fundraisers for various causes; they’ve all been a lot of fun and everyone has a great time! More to follow on this, but for starters, all registered Black Belt Clinic attendees will get 10 complimentary raffle tickets to use any way they choose toward prizes, food, or drinks.]

• The deadline for submitting forms with payment (no penalty) is May 31st.
   – Applications received after May 31st will incur a $10 penalty.
– Applications will be accepted through the morning of June 7th, but we request timely registration.

• Saturday’s Branch Chief Meeting is designated for Chief Instructors who run their own programs.  This meeting is mandatory for all Branch Chiefs who are in attendance during Black Belt Clinic.

• Black Belt Clinic is not open to Junior Black Belts.

On behalf Kaicho and myself, thank you for your good wishes and support over the last weeks.


Vice Chairman & Chief Instructor