Seido Central Queens Collaborative Karate Do

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese style of martial arts.
The name “Seido” means “Sincere Way”. It comes from the Chuyo (Confucius’s book “The Middle Path”, or “The Doctrine of the Mean”), which says the following:

“Sincerity is the way of heaven. To follow this sincerely is the way of mankind”
Seido Karate is aimed at helping us live with sincerity; to throw away the traps of fear and false ego, and develop compassion and true inner strength.

The Seido philosophy is encapsulated in three words: Sonkei (Respect), Ai (Love), and Jujun (Obedience). These three principles are represented as the three circles within the plum blossom logo of Seido Juku.

History of the Central Queens Seido Collaborative Dojo & Shibus

Shortly after receiving his black belt in the fall of 1973, Shuseiki Shihan William Best began to teach Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura’s (Founder and Grandmaster of the World Seido Organization) philosophy and teachings at the Jamaica YMCA located in Queens, NY. Although the first classes held there were for children, late in 1974 adult classes were added to the program. In June of 1995, Shuseiki William Best moved to Connecticut and left his senior students, Sei Shihan Michelle Cuttino, Jun Shihan Alvin Stevens, and Kyoshi Gilbert Michel to care for and teach the students and to operate the Dojo.

In September of 2000, Sei Shihan Michelle Cuttino and Jun Shihan Donald Atkins developed the S.E.I.D.O. (Self Education, Independence, Discipline, & Obedience) Personal Safety & Self-Defense Seminar. This is a ten week seminar for adolescents or young adults in foster care or residential settings who desire to enhance their personal lives and gain insight and practical experience developing independent living skills, awareness of issues regarding aspects of interpersonal and social skills, personal safety, and learning self-defense techniques. This seminar is available to community groups and organizations in the fields of child welfare and education, and is facilitated by Sei Shihan Michelle Cuttino and Jun Shihan Donald (6th Degree Black Belts). Sei Shihan Michelle Cuttino is a Licensed MSW Social Worker and Jun Shihan Donald Atkins also holds a Master’s degree in School Education and Psychology. Currently he is working in the NYC Department of Education as a Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Specialist.

Many of the first Central Queens Collaborative Seido Karate senior Black Belts first began their training in the children’s program, and many of those seniors are still training, teaching, assisting, and supporting the Queens, and Brooklyn programs. Because we have grown and extended our programs we have changed our name to Central Queens Collaborative Karate Do. Visit us at about inclusive and affordable training sites.

As we’ve grown, all programs in Queens and Brooklyn participate in activities and special events together to build our bonds, maintain friendships, and further the growth of our students. In addition, the Chief instructors and Black Belts train together on a weekly basis at the Central Queens Jamaica Dojo at the local YMCA, and also train and attend special events and functions at the World Seido Karate Honbu (Headquarters) with the Grandmaster, Kaicho Nakamura, at 61 West 23rd Street, New York City.

The Seido Central Queens Collaborative Dojo members are committed to community service. Each year we participate in several of the Annual National Night Out Against Crime events sponsored by the NYC Police Department precincts. In addition, every year food and clothing drives are held for various churches and shelters in our Queens and Brooklyn communities to help provide for those in need of assistance and support.

Occasionally we also provide seminars on Personal Safety & Self Defense as well as seminars on Domestic, Family, & Intimate Partner & Bullying Abuse Awareness Prevention. We welcome outreach and requests from organizations interested in working with us to accomplish this endeavor. Please contact us by email and visiting our website. You can reach Sei Shihans Michelle Cuttino or Jun Shihan Alvin Stevens, through the website.

Since then the Seido Central Queens, Jamaica Dojo has grown to over several hundred dedicated and spirited members, nearly half of whom are female. Our children’s programs have experienced tremendous growth over the years. We now have several programs serving Queens and Brooklyn institutions such as Brooks Memorial Church, Jamaica Arts Center, York College, Children of Promise, the Jamaica YMCA, Flushing YMCA, Elmhurst YMCA Beacon program at I.S. 5 and the Whitestone Beacon program at J.H.S.194.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and supporting us.


Sei Shihan Michelle Cuttino
Former & Beloved Branch Chief
Central Queens Collaborative Karate Do
89-25 Parsons Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11432